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OMA Brick Program

The Warrior Legacy

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Purchasing a brick is a great way to support our mission and our program while leaving a lasting legacy on the landscape of The Mountain forever. Each brick is laid in front of our Upper School and is a way to honor a student, staff, or community supporter who is (or was) connected to Oak Mountain Academy.

Please note the following details -

Each brick is $100. Each 4x8 brick offers 4 lines of text with 21 characters available per line. Please note that spaces and punctuation do count as characters. Additionally, the text is centered unless otherwise noted, as well as all letters will be capitalized. When completing your order form below, please be sure to include in the comment section what you would like inscribed on your brick.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Maria Smith at (770) 834-6651 or by email at